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About Us

How The Place for Learning got its start.

In July 2012 my oldest daughter – turning 30 at the time — and her partner welcomed my first grandchild. I was elated! I was also nervous. Like so many of today's families, they needed a dual income. Locating quality child care was not an option but a necessity.

I was armed with decades of experience providing service to help.  Besides parenting, I had directed programs for universities which included elementary, middle and high school students, and also their parents and teachers.  Even my doctoral work was focused on education.  With all this, I helped my daughter explore her options, but it was still tough finding an excellent and trustworthy provider with everything we were looking for.  What began as a quest to find the right child care center developed into a blueprint for eventually starting our own.

Our Vision

The Place for Learning's vision continues to evolve organically from that experience, and thus far includes the following:

  1. Trust is of vital importance to any relationship — particularly those between parents of infants/children and their caregivers. We will earn and sustain your trust.

  2. Child care must be responsive to each unique child. Our caregivers are passionate about children and education, experienced in providing child care and adaptive in their approach to meeting each child's unique needs.

  3. Routine care and education are essential. We provide scheduled routine care; however, we know that today children need a solid early education program given the competitiveness we see in higher education.

  4. Child care should be affordable but not at the expense of services provided to y/our child(ren).  The Place for Learning will never compromise on quality.

Early education is important. However, current research shows that the results of early education, measured in academic outcomes and college readiness, demonstrate a dire need for improvement. Your child(ren) needs more than hype.  While there is no magic bullet, we are serious about infusing education into "early learning" and that is much more than just a tag line. Come see for yourself!

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