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Q: Can I Visit My Child At Child Care?

A: Yes, our doors are always open to you-our phone lines are too. We know leaving your child can be stressful, especially in the beginning while everyone adjusts to the transition. We also know that children need time to get accustomed to child care and school, and having a parent present in the Center may prolong the process, as well as upset the other children in the room. So we provide you with on-site and off-site access to our Center via closed access CCTV monitoring. CCTV Monitoring provides cameras in the classroom that parents can view from home on their cellphone. We always welcome your calls and visits. Plus, we are happy to speak with you about exactly how your child's day is going at any time.

Q: Do you have a doctor or nurse?

A: Yes. We established a relationship with a board certified family practice physician who is available to answer our questions.

Q: Are you open on snow days?

A: Yes. Just because the Jersey City Public School system is closed doesn't mean you have a day off from your commitments. For that reason, we do our best to remain open on snow days. Soon we plan to offer after-school enrichment services for school-age children. On rare occasions when we have no choice, we inform families through local media including News 12, emails that are sent to families, and messages that broadcast closings on our own phone message machine.

Q: How do I know how my child's day went?

A: We have a system in place for communicating with families. Of course we are here to speak with you when you pick your child up, but it goes further than that. Each parent receives written daily communication notes (The Log) detailing their day: what your child has eaten, the number of diaper changes as well as when and for how long they napped. We also fill you in on your child's mood, what he/she learned and if any supplies are needed to keep your child well cared for.

Q: What food is provided daily?

A: All food is provided by families. If your child participates in our early drop off Breakfast Club program (arriving between 7:30 am and 8:30 am) she (or he) will receive support with breakfast. Lunch is served daily between 11:30am and noon (depending on room), and the children receive an afternoon snack at 3:30 pm. We encourage parents to provide healthy meals supported with fresh fruits and vegetables, daily, as well as water, juice, whole milk for toddlers and low fat milk for the older children. We are a nut free environment. Parents are required to pre-label all water cups, bottles, plates and other eating utensils prior to arrival.

Q: How safe is your school?

A: Your child's safety is our number one priority. With several measures in place, we can keep everyone at The Place for Learning safe and secure. Our ProCare™ center management and security system tracks the coming and going of every child in the center. We also have security cameras in every room, as well as observation screens for constant monitoring. Our administrative staff has instant access to all of your child's medical information, arrival and departure times, and names of people authorized for drop-off and pick-up. Plus, our exclusive electronic access system blocks anyone but authorized persons from being admitted into the building. The center is monitored for fire and safety by a contracted security company, and panic buttons are equipped in strategic locations at the center. The safety of your child extends to the regular monitoring of facilities and equipment, such as commercial padding under all of our carpeting and child-sized tables that are "non-tippable" to prevent any injuries while playing, child-proof locks on all refrigerators, cabinets and doors to prevent access to potentially hazardous materials.

Every teacher and teacher assistant, as well as administrative personnel has to undergo routine criminal background and fingerprint investigations annually. Contractors who enter the facilities to perform maintenance are asked to do so before or after hours, and when these visits are required during work hours, such visitors are accompanied at all times.

Q: How flexible is your scheduling?

A: We know that your day can be full of surprises. So to truly help parents with childcare needs, our schedule is as flexible as your life. You decide when to drop off and pick up your child. Need to go from part-time to full time? No problem. Simply chose the full time hours that work best for you. We also open early, stay open until 6:00 pm at no additional charge, and remain open on snow days to support our working parents.

Q: What is the turnover of your staff?

A: The key to our success is the quality of our teachers and caregivers. And we value what they do in these very important roles. Because of this we provide on-going training and establish high standards that is communicated during the 90 day probationary period. Those who demonstrate consistent excellence remain with our team. These members of our staff enjoy vacation and sick time as well as a warm and supportive working environment. We respect our teachers and praise and reward them for a job well done.

Other ways we demonstrate appreciation to our staff include treating them to coffee and bagels at each of our monthly staff meetings.

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