Why Select Us As Your Daycare Provider?

Most childcare resource groups agree that there's no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to child care. However, there are basics to look for which will ensure that your children are well cared for. We know The Place for Learning is the best choice when selecting an educational childcare provider for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years old for childcare, after-care, and tutoring.  (Licensed for up to 13 years old.)  And, we believe after getting to know us, you will agree! Here's why:

Toddler-at-play-2There are more than 30 daycare, childcare, preschool locations in proximity to the 07305 area. We visited most as we sought daycare for our own grandchild. We used our senses to help us evaluate the environment. This is the criteria we started using in evaluating the centers:

  • Does it smell clean and fresh, or is there a lingering odor?
  • Do the kids sound involved in play or structured activities; e.g., reading time circle time? Or is there a television on blaring some "educational program"? How do the adults talk to the children? Is there shouting? Are the voices edgy? Are they engaged in quiet talking?
  • Are there a variety of (play) areas?
  • Are the floors carpeted, supported with padding and floor cushions?
  • Are there areas for reading, areas for indoor ball or block play, and eating areas? If there is a designated outdoor play area, is it fenced, clean and spacious?
  • Is the daycare aesthetically pleasing? Would you want to spend your day there?
  • Are staff (teachers and teacher assistants) professionally experienced in daycare?
  • Are teachers provided with on-going training?
  • What is the daycare center's policy on hand-washing? This is a very important issue. The number one cause of infections in daycares is improper or infrequent hand-washing.
  • What is the daycare center's policy concerning background checks and credentialing?
  • How often did the center conduct fire drills, and what were the disaster procedures, and emergency procedures if our child is hurt or ill?

We carefully analyzed costs as compared to service hours and quality. Most important we researched the daycare centers' philosophies on education and discipline.

We sought a loving, nurturing, safe, secure environment that provides a strong educational foundation. What started out as a project to find the best care for our grandchild ended up as a blueprint for creating our own daycare/early learning center where parents find uncompromising safety, security, and exceptional quality at reasonable rates.

Come see us. Now enrolling for infants and toddlers, after-care and tutoring.

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